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About Our Practice

Stephen Bragdon came to Keene and started as a sole practitioner in 1975, above the old Cheshire County Bank building at the corner of Roxbury Street and Main Street. The Holbrook House on Court Street, an historical architectural gem, has been home to the firm since 1981 when the partnership included Stephen Bragdon, H. Neil Berkson, and Phillip Mangones.  Since that time, Attorney Bragdon has shared the practice with different iterations of young lawyers, many of whom went on to establish respected firms of their own in the Keene area.

Bragdon, Baron & Kossayda is a general practice law firm, and has served hundreds of clients in the southern New Hampshire area. With the addition of Attorney Elana Baron, we can serve residents of Vermont. Attorney Baron and Attorney Kossayda are both licensed in Massachusetts also.

Bragdon, Baron and Kossayda office waiting area
Elana working at desk

Throughout the years, the attorneys at Bragdon, Baron & Kossayda have become known for their care for clients during ordinary life events such as buying or selling property, starting businesses, or estate planning. Also, our attorneys are compassionate and professional in helping with extraordinary situations such as divorce, family disputes, injuries, or other life crises. “Smart talk, good advice” is not just a tag line for us – it is our way of doing business.

Real Estate

Guiding and protecting your interests from contract to closing

Landlord – Tenant Law

Advising and supporting property law rights

Personal Injury

Advocating and fighting for compensation you deserve

Wills, Estates & Trusts

Guiding and protecting the administration of assets and legacies

Business Law & Formation

Supporting launch, growth, and protection of your business


Representing and negotiating for the best results

Probate & Guardianships

Ensuring your loved ones are provided for

Criminal Defense

Assertive advocates defending your rights

Smart Talk, Good Advice.